New Federation Party of Canada (NFP) has launched its CONTRACT WITH CANADIANS the alternative to Wexit separatist movement with a Canada’s first “power to the people” true direct-democracy political party.

 The NFP is the alternative to unrest rooted in the western Canada Wexit movement and Canada as a whole. NFP will work with all provincial governments to bring real change.The NFP is Canada’s first direct democracy political party allowing members to vote on all party issues policy, and legislation with its proprietary encrypted free member phone app

The NFP embodies a decentralized federal government that allows full powers back to the people and the Provinces where they belong. 

The NFP reaches out to all Canadians including soft Liberal / Conservative / Green / NDP and those who have given up voting in a perceived corrupt system. 

The NFP voice represents “Canadian’s First” with all “ our” natural resources, labor, public / private sector, collage to senior citizens, immigrant / indigenous communities, spiritual / religious groups and new families from across Canada, and soft separatists of the Wexit movement. 

The NFP understands the current Federal political system with it’s top heavy down decisions and policies do not represent Canadians, and includes abuses of provincial jurisdictions that mostly appease special political interests and Global corporations.

The NFPWe Are Change” policies include; Resource Royalty revenue sharing for all Canadians / Decentralizing our Federal Government with federal powers back to the people and Provinces whereby all individual citizens empower their sovereignty over family, Province and Country.  NFP is a non-socialist free-market “Canada First” approach whereby the people of Canada are the true power of lands and Governance.

The NFP members decide initiatives directly by using the NFP encrypted propriety (coming soon) phone app, with real time polling, surveys and secured “grass root” member voting on all policy and legislation. This differs greatly from current political parties and the old “top down” established power structures used to control Canadians, not represent them. The use of Blockchain will enable a decentralized government to have open-source databases, resistant to censorship while allowing system adoption in critical applications like referendums, citizen initiatives and recall government budgets, contracts, spending and pay-roll and leadership policy voting.

The NFP supports Treaty 8 chiefs who call Wexit a ‘bad idea’ “The economy affects everyone, not just a few,” the chiefs said, adding they believe secession would be costly “for the people.”

The NFP also believes that the silent majority of Albertans and Canadians know the complexity of secession and would rather remain in a great country and make “real” changes to the system that has failed them because “We Are Change”.

The NFP was founded in 2019 by a group of concerned citizens to create new federation for Canada for and by the people that truly represents the people, opposed to the global corporate interests / The interim leader of NFP is Brad Carrigan who ran with the PC Party of Canada in the 2011 federal election  

The NFP Party convention is coming May 2020 TBA  – PLEASE JOIN THE WAVE – “OUR TIME HAS COME”.

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