Most citizens understand Canada is currently controlled by the powers of international corporations working through the leadership of the Liberal or Conservative governments, this has been detrimental to the individual sovereign Canadian, indigenous rights and our collective national sovereignty.

The New Federation Party will empower self-governing provinces, first nations, and other regions under a decentralized mandate to protect the legitimate sovereign Canadian citizen’s social, economic, creative, national, cultural rights and interests, while allotting only basic power to the federal government for a strong military and authorized open sourced (transparent) trade agreements. Our goal is a New Constitution for and by the people.

Countries around the world are starting to establish block-chain open source smart contracts in government. In Canada this will represent the end to back room trade and health care monopolies, and continued theft of our national resources; this new direct democracy governance will vastly improve Canadian lifestyles, health and family net income.  Open source governance is the future in a true democracy for and by the people.  

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