The Monopoly Patent Act

Ensuring a Clean Environment for All


The New Federation Party recognizes the critical importance of safeguarding our environment and ensuring that innovative and sustainable solutions thrive. Monopoly patents, which have been used to limit competition and stifle innovation, pose a significant obstacle to the development of eco-friendly technologies and processes. Our commitment to a cleaner, healthier environment drives us to introduce "The Monopoly Patent Act."

Key Objectives:

Ban Monopoly Patents Impacting the Environment:

We will institute legislation that explicitly prohibits monopoly patents for technologies or processes that hinder environmental progress or infringe upon our right to clean air and a pristine environment above and below ground.

Promote Innovation and Competition:

Our aim is to foster innovation and competition in eco-friendly technology and processes. The removal of monopoly patents that stifle advancement will open the door to new, sustainable solutions.

Incentivize Eco-Friendly Initiatives:

We will provide incentives for companies to pursue eco-friendly initiatives, encouraging a shift towards environmentally responsible practices and technologies.

Policy Details:

1. Ban Monopoly Patents Impacting the Environment:

The Monopoly Patent Act will clearly define and identify monopoly patents that have an adverse impact on the environment. Such patents will be banned to ensure that no single entity can impede progress towards a cleaner world.

This act will prioritize the right to a clean environment above and below ground, ensuring that innovative and sustainable solutions are not obstructed by the monopolization of environmentally detrimental technologies.

2. Promote Innovation and Competition:

With the removal of monopoly patents, we will stimulate innovation and competition in industries that directly impact the environment, such as FREE energy, transportation, and waste management.

By leveling the playing field, we aim to encourage the development of cutting-edge, eco-friendly technologies and processes that benefit both the Canadian people and the planet.

3. Incentivize Eco-Friendly Initiatives:

The New Federation Party will introduce a range of incentives, such as grants, and subsidies, to support companies in their pursuit of eco-friendly initiatives. We recognize that transitioning to cleaner practices may require initial investments, and we aim to make this transition financially viable.

Companies that embrace environmentally responsible practices will be recognized and rewarded, contributing to a sustainable and eco-conscious business environment, becoming the beacon of the world for REAL change!


"The Monopoly Patent Act" reflects our commitment to the environment and the well-being of all Canadians. By banning monopoly patents that impede eco-friendly progress, promoting innovation and competition, and incentivizing responsible initiatives, we will create a more sustainable and prosperous future. The New Federation Party invites all Canadians to join us in this essential endeavour to protect our environment for generations to come using free energy practices currently buried and hidden under monopoly patents.