New Federation Party Mandate

Empowering the People: A New Constitution and Federation for Canadians


The New Federation Party is committed to reshaping the future of Canada through a mandate derived directly from the people. We will create a new Constitution and Federation for and by Canadians, returning sovereign powers to the citizens, ensuring true freedom from government controls and overreach, and empowering the provinces with greater autonomy, including taxation authority. Our vision also includes the establishment of a decentralized monetary system, restructured medical services with integrative health protocols, and the introduction of Canada's own decentralized gold-backed currency. Our military will focus on peaceful homeland protection, while opting out of NATO's regime change policies and the UN where our Canadian rights are infringed upon.

Our Mandate:

Direct Democracy:

A New Federation Party government will prioritize direct democracy, ensuring that Canadians have a direct say in their governance. Through referendums, recall and citizen assemblies, we will empower the people to shape policies and decisions that affect their lives.

New Constitution and Federation:

We commit to drafting a new Constitution and forming a New Federation for Canada outside the controls of the Crown corporation or the Royal families. This Constitution will be rooted in the principles of individual liberty, sovereignty, and self-determination, returning power to the hands of the people. We will disband the current senate system and privy council subservient to the British Crown and Crown corporation and create a new federation for and by the sovereign people of Canada.

Decentralized Governance:

Our mandate will focus on decentralizing governance and granting autonomy to the provinces, including taxation powers. This approach respects the diversity and unique needs of each region within Canada.

Monetary Independence:

We will create a decentralized monetary system that is truly by and for Canadians, free from international influence and manipulation. This system will enhance economic stability and safeguard the value of our currency.

Integrative Health Protocols:

Our commitment extends to restructuring the medical system to incorporate integrative health protocols, promoting holistic well-being and providing Canadians with a more comprehensive and personalized approach to healthcare.

Canadian Gold-Backed Currency:

The New Federation Party will introduce a decentralized, gold-backed Canadian currency, ensuring financial security and independence for all citizens.

Defensive Military Focus:

Our military will prioritize peaceful protection of our homeland, maintaining a strong defense while advocating for a reduced international military presence.

Opting Out of Regime Change Policies:

Canada, under our mandate, will opt out of NATO's regime change policies, focusing on peaceful diplomacy, humanitarian efforts, and non-intervention in the affairs of other nations.

Sovereignty away from the UN:

We will exercise our sovereignty as Canadians by opting out of the United Nations when our national rights and freedoms are infringed upon. We believe in upholding our values and principles without compromise.


The New Federation Party's mandate is a pledge to the Canadian people. It represents a transformative vision for a nation that places power, freedom, and self-determination back into the hands of its citizens. Together, we will create a new era of true DIRECT democracy, economic stability, health and wellness, and an unwavering commitment to peace, justice, and national sovereignty. This mandate is a promise to all Canadians to secure a brighter future for our great nation.