The Currency Act


The New Federation Party, recognizing the importance of national sovereignty and economic self-determination, hereby introduces "The Currency Act." This act aims to recover Canada's right to print and control its own gold-backed currency or decentralized cryptocurrency, thereby reducing dependency on international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the international banking cartel.

Key Objectives:

Restore Monetary Independence:

Our foremost objective is to regain full control over Canada's monetary policy, allowing us to issue and manage our own currency independently.

Gold-Backed Currency:

To strengthen the Canadian economy and ensure stability, we propose the introduction of a gold-backed currency that provides a stable store of value.

Decentralized Cryptocurrency:

Recognizing the potential benefits of blockchain technology, we will explore the development of a decentralized cryptocurrency that is not subject to centralized control or manipulation.

Policy Details:

1. Restoration of Monetary Independence:

We commit to conducting a comprehensive review of Canada's current monetary policies to identify areas where we can regain control over the issuance and management of our own currency.

We will seek to renegotiate international agreements and treaties that have limited our monetary sovereignty, with the goal of restoring full control over the Canadian dollar.

2. Introduction of a Gold-Backed Currency:

The New Federation Party will commission a panel of experts to explore the feasibility and benefits of implementing a gold-backed currency, which will provide a stable and reliable medium of exchange.

We will work toward establishing a strategic reserve of gold to support the currency, ensuring its long-term stability and value.

The implementation of a gold-backed currency will be carried out in consultation with economic and financial experts to minimize any potential disruptions to the Canadian economy.

3. Development of a Decentralized Cryptocurrency:

Acknowledging the transformative potential of blockchain technology, we will initiate research and development efforts to create a decentralized cryptocurrency for Canada.

This cryptocurrency will operate on a blockchain platform designed to prevent centralized control, ensure transparency, and protect against manipulation.

We will engage with the global blockchain community and collaborate with experts to develop and secure this cryptocurrency.

4. Independence from IMF and International Banking Cartel:

The New Federation Party is committed to reducing Canada's reliance on international financial institutions and the international banking cartel, which have often imposed conditions and policies that do not align with our national interests.

We will advocate for greater Canadian influence within these institutions while pursuing alternatives to minimize their impact on our economic sovereignty.


"The Currency Act" represents a bold step toward achieving true monetary independence for Canada. By recovering our right to print and control our own currency, whether in the form of a gold-backed currency or a decentralized cryptocurrency, we will ensure greater economic stability and protection from international financial pressures. The New Federation Party calls upon all Canadians to support this policy, as it stands at the forefront of our vision for a prosperous and self-reliant nation.