SPLIT the VOTE – Facts

In his farewell speech in 1960, President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) issued a warning to the American public about the direct threat posed by the Military Industrial Complex to Western society and its democracy. Similarly, in 1962, President John F. Kennedy (JFK) also warned citizens in a speech to the press club about the infiltration of globalist-controlled secret societies, which he referred to the undeclared stealth war against our society. Have no doubt, Canada and its political system is part of this warning.

During the 1960s and 1970s, there is ample documentation showing strategic development of the psychological tactics and terms coined by the CIA and other alphabet secret agencies. These tactics were aimed at manipulating and suppressing public discourse on matters that could undermine the globalist interest controlled by the secret societies. One such tactic was the derogatory label of "conspiracy theorist," used to isolate then downplay the significance of questioning uncomfortable policy or issues the globalists wanted kept in the backroom closets.

The term, "Split the Vote," was also created to fear the population to consolidate voting power to the same political parties controlled and selected by globalists. This trend was exposed in the context of the Covid Vaccine agenda, where the absence of any political scrutiny allowed millions of Canadians to lose their jobs and or become infected or experience severe health anomalies due to inaction and fear of rocking the globalist vaccine agenda boat.

By blindly supporting these controlled national parties, the outcomes remain stagnant year after year, while they subtly erode our rights and freedoms. The tactic used is to divert our attention with trivial political debates on insignificant issues brought to the forefront by the controlled media. Meanwhile, our true freedom and rights disappear more and more with each election cycle with introduction of the Vaccine agenda, GMO, censorship and dissolving our charter and human rights.

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 exposed the pervasive corruption and incompetence within Canada's major political parties and health system. This crisis revealed the extent of corruption and subservience to multinational corporations, all at the expense of Canadian families. Consequently, this has left most Canadians questioning the status quo parties and their ability to effectively govern outside the control of special interests and secret societies. Therefore, it is now imperative to courageously stand and dismantle the Ottawa swamp system the globalists control and manipulate against Canadians, this in order to achieve true freedom away from the controllers and restore our country to its people.

The New Federation Party (NFP) embodies a clear mandate to eradicate the pervasive political swamp and dismantle the corrupt system in Ottawa that currently controls Canadians, rather than genuinely representing them.

The New Federation Party is firmly dedicated to safeguarding Canadian interests, with a steadfast determination to preserve the integrity of every vote. Our objective is to unite individuals from various political affiliations, including Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, Green Party members, and Peoples Party supporters, under the banner of a truly Canadian-first movement. We proudly position ourselves as independent and trustworthy voices for the land and the people  that advocate for the future of Canadians, as we did in shedding light on the COVID agenda, while exposing its numerous manipulations and falsehoods in Government, Health Care and main stream Media.

We have consistently demonstrated our dedication to the principles of the freedom movement and the global awakening, which has shed light on the corruption and falsehoods surrounding COVID and our de facto governance. Through our actions, we have proven that we are not mere talkers but walkers, actively working towards exposing and rectifying the injustices that plague our political landscape.

Our ultimate objective is to unite all Canadians under the FREEDOM banner and the ONLY party that genuinely represents their voice. We aspire to drain the Canadian political swamp and dismantle its deeply entrenched, corrupted political system. Once this is done, we envision a New Federation and a NEW CANADA that will once again prioritize the needs and desires of the Canadian people and be a beacon to the world for freedom.

With a professional and unwavering tone, we invite all Canadians to join us in this crucial endeavor. Together, we can forge a brighter future, free from the shackles of a broken political system, and ensure that the voices of the people are truly heard and respected.

SPLIT THE VOTE, no but we the people will unite and secure the votes that truly reflect the Canadian population." the truth and the future