The New Federation Party bases its principles on direct democracy as an evolution of representative democracy. The objective is that citizens will no longer delegate their power to those politicians and political parties, which serve the interests of multi-national lobby groups and international banking interests above those of Canadians.

The New Federation Party respects and honors all cultures, religious beliefs and faiths, and believe Canada is a beautiful diverse country for and of the people, where all laws and Government power, comes from our inherent sovereign rights and our Common Law… not an international unelected bureaucracy that currently controls our federal government policy, health care, resources, energy and taxation system

The New Federation Party will use the power of a decentralized federal Government to establish a fair open source system of governance and international trade, that will truly represent the inherent rights of sovereign Canadians, and Canada first as a whole.

The New Federation Party will average back or eliminate those trade agreements, statute laws and regulations that infringe on the inherent common law rights of Canadians and their sovereignty. We will return the rights and powers back to the people to determine the future of their families and Canada as a whole, and give Canadians a fair share of their collective resources.


  • Canadian Independence
    • Decentralize federal government / powers to provinces
    • Regain control and ownership of lands, resources
    • Canada resource income profit sharing for all Canadians
    • Transparent Government / block chain / smart contracted / open source
    • Support and protect local farms and ranchers from multi-nationals
    • Increase benefits to students and senior citizens from resource based revenue sharing income (RSI)
    • Reposes and return all crown lands, to Canadian ownership, where by citizens own their property / not lease from the crown as it is currently
    • Forbid the continued sale of Canadian birth certificate entities and records as chattel property bonds
    • Diminish role of NATO / UN / no more proxy wars
  • Bank of Canada
    • Return the right of the Bank of Canada to print Canada’s currency interest free and instil this into Canada’s Constitution to be protected by Common Law / away from foreign IMF / BIS control or interference
  • Repeal Federal Income Tax and CRA jurisdiction
    • Abolish federal income tax / Taxation back to the Provinces
    • Abolish CRA, employees transferred into other national sales tax area
    • Create a 13 % flat rate non-essential “new item only” sales tax as revenue for the Federal Government.
    • Food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes and cars. Sales tax only on non-essential items
  • Canada FIRST
    • On all trade agreements past or present / repeal TPP
    • Rebuild Canada’s local manufacturing industries and infrastructure
  • Courts
    • Return Constitutional Common Law to all courts and legal matters
    • Indigenous hereditary rights, judicial superior court representation
  • Immigration / merit and need based
    • Environment
      • Repeal carbon taxation / clean energy policy
      • Revoke monopoly patents that suppress clean or free energy
      • Climate change / allow full open scientific environmental debate
  • National health and dietary
    • Restore parental medical rights over their children and families
    • Repeal corporate monopolies on cancer treatment and health research
    • Expand integrative health care / treatments / funding
    • Re-establish integrative, medical education system
    • Independent GMO food studies, labeling disclosures
    • G5 ban until independent 3rd party cancer related and health studies are done (currently there are none)



  • The NEW Federation Party of CANADA considers family farms to be one of the great examples of business.
  • Our “100 mile challenge” would support family farms and innovative agricultural businesses.
  • We will guarantee farm mortgages through our Canada Mortgage to facilitate growth and family farms.
  • We support back to the lands solution for small farms and farmers that promote heritage crops as well as family farms and we will protect them against multi-national monopolies driving them off the family farms, this is not acceptable in Canada.

BANK of Canada

  • In1974 the Pierre Trudeau Liberals caved to the Bank of International Settlements (central bankers) and gave the right to print Canada’s currency to global interests
  • Over a 108-year period (1867-1974) the accumulated Canadian debt was only $18 billion. After the Trudeau Liberals in 1974, the debt grew to reach $728 billion in 2017 with this sellout of our sovereignty indebting each Canadian $18,000 to the BIS bank
  • The NEW Federation Party of CANADA will restore the Bank of Canada to its original purpose, by exercising its public statutory duty and responsibility to include making interest-free loans to the municipal/provincial/federal governments for ‘human capital’ expenditures (education, health, other social services) and/or infrastructure expenditures.
  • We will allow Canadians to take back control of their monetary system AND establish the Canada Infrastructure Bank to provide low-cost financing for new infrastructure projects interest free
  • The NEW Federation Party of CANADA federal government will again use Canada’s right to its own currency creation and to lend money to municipalities, and to build the projects their communities need interest free
  • We will mandate and smart contract a balanced budget with modern block chain technology


  • The NEW Federation Party of CANADA believe Canadians own their resources not the international Crown Corporation based in England or multi-nationals it controls, as such we will honor the inherent rights of Canadians and establish the Canada Resource Share (CRS) program that allows Canadians to share in their own natural resources wealth, with a royalty pool from all natural resources equally paid out to each Canadian citizen monthly


  • The NEW Federation Party of CANADA will exercise national leadership to ensure that all Canadians are able to access high-quality child care spaces in every region of the country subsidized 100% by our families first agenda and or 100% deductible Family Care Canada Resource Share (CRS)
  • We will also allow 100% tax deductible family care option
  • Will also extend the 100% tax deductible family care option or RSC to family members who look after their elderly parents


  • To promote the importance of health and sports for children and families / repeal anti sport legislation
  • Promote integrative wellness practices and nutrition into mainstream schools / education system

 SECOND CHANCE / No criminal records

  • We believe people make mistakes and deserve a second chance in life whereby citizens who have one time criminal records will be forgiven, this excluding sex offenders DD Murder or Rape.
  • We will also decriminalize hemp usage and the outdated controls hindering its many manufacturing and medicinal uses.
  • Marijuana basic use and possession offences will be erased in all police and court records
  • Trafficking marijuana offences will be reviewed on a case by case basis


  • The NEW Federation Party of CANADA bases its principles on direct democracy as an evolution of representative democracy. Citizens will no longer need to delegate their power to political parties, that serve the interests of multi-national lobby groups and banking cartels above the interests of Canadians.
  • We will succeed by creating an educated citizenry made possible through an uncensored internet and vetted media sourcing. INTERNET BILL OF RIGHTS (no censorship)
  • We will mandate block chain smart contracts on all government election promises / department spending
  • Introduce Citizen’s Initiated referendums / smart contracted
  • Open Parliamentary vote – Elected Party Candidates will have free voting on all issues not mandated by our NEW Federation Party of CANADA constitution


  • Equality is Not Entitlement but Equality of Opportunity
  • We need to end the shames against the homeless, aboriginal and child poverty in our country this will be done with our Canada Resource Share (CRS) program
  • We will convince Canadians to do this because we are all Canadians and our vision of the future works
  • We understand a dollar invested in balancing crime prevention is equal to seven or more spent on criminal justice systems but to fight crime we must create jobs and end poverty


  • Our education policy is about equal opportunity for all. We will provide a program of economic financial support for every student in post secondary education to ensure that education is accessible for all.
  • Our CRS will pay students post secondary education for 3 years without debt (conditions will apply)
  • We will phase out student loan debt to relieve students of the burden of debt. Providing the graduate stays in Canada for a period of years.
  • We will renew funding to post secondary institutions for operations and expand education funding and grants to include integrative health and wellness programs.
  • Children will again be taught to think for them selves and be creatively encouraged opposed to being system programed.
  • All Schools will be Cell tower / cell phone free environments to maximize learning and focus in the class rooms
  • Physical education and body health understanding will be once again part of school system
  • Ban or control children’s / video Game Violence and movie ratings until the age of 13
  • We will create the infrastructure for 7 new sustainable City of Learning, campuses across Canada, whereby rural land will be purchased to build a city of learning, housing new ideas and innovations for the future.


  • We believe the vast majority of the Canadian citizenry is made up of responsible adults and persons, where by some may like to hunt or bare arms as a hobby in a safe responsible way, as such these Canadians should have the full right to do so, without government overreach, but with basic rules and guidelines in place to prevent abuses


  • Access to the housing market with our New Initiative Housing (NIH) that allows graduated students with secure jobs a onetime 5 year interest free home buyer loan / with 5% down
  • We believe the home is your castle and our Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP) for longer term home owners needing mortgage relief, This will allow interest free loans for up to one year of assistance to be attached to the end of a mortgage payment plan / or a new purchase Federal Tax exemption for distressed homeowners
  • Our New Federation Party Federal Government will loan first time home owners up to $50,000 on their first home as part of our HOME START program – these funds will come from our CRS (natural resources share pool) and will be repaid when the home is sold or before as decided by the purchaser


  • We believe in a One-Tier health care system
  • Undo the monopolies of the Cancer research and Cancer treatment industries; allow Canadians the inherent freedom to choose integrative and or Western medical practices
  • We believe parents have the inherent right over their children and it is not the Governments right to interfere with parenting or the family process of decision making. Special cases will be looked upon on a case by case basis
  • Mandate more health care and integrative treatments for the elderly
  • Government Funding of alternative / integrative scientific medial cancer studies, as well as integrative treatments for cancer patients
  • To prevent fraud, all medical and vaccine research will be open source verified by 3 rd party elected independent research councils – funded by Government
  • Promote Nitrilosides (Vitamin B-17) cancer prevention programs
  • We will not allow international lobby or multi-national corporations to continue monopoly control over or fund Canada’s medical education system through its biased books used in universities, allowing full spectrum medical.
  • Western trained Doctors will no longer be allowed to accept any promotional travel, gifts from drug corporations to promote any medical products
  • Take restrictions off Doctors to allow integrative therapy
  • Reduce cost of prescription drugs / add integrative natural supplements to health care / revisit rules preventing natural supplement distribution to even the playing field
  • Right to choose health treatment / western or integrative
  • Ban all GMO foods without 3 rd party independent studies
  • Introduce 3 rd party independent national diet research counsel
  • Introduce Chinese / homeopathic / naturopathic and aero Vedic traditional treatments and science to Canada’s health care system


  • The NEW Federation Party of CANADA will ensure though our national and international policies that Canada retains full independence
  • Create a council on Sport, Fitness, and Nutrition to promote the importance of sports for children and families
  • Inherent property rights of Canadian people grandfathered keeper of the lands for next generation with any trade infringement on these rights – repealed
  • Create “innovative measures” to overhaul the tax collection and reporting system to be more respectful to Canadians and their rights,
  • Set up independent non-partisan review board of MSM news that manipulate Canadians or our democracy
  • Control and repeal foreign ownership of Canadian resources
  • Rebuild Canada’s manufacturing industries and support home based and small business through grants and 3 year tax free growth period
  • Promote individual faith and its values within Canada
  • Take monopolies out of Cancer treatment and research Nitrilosides (Vitamin B-17) cancer prevention programs
  • All medical research funding be done by 3 rd party “elected” boards funded arms length by Government / big pharma royalty pool
  • Prevent unlawful private biased group funding of the medical system books and education system
  • Government contracts for Canadians and Canadian companies only
  • Full transparency and accountability records for all foreign aid and aid contracts
  • Revisit Canada’s role and financial commitment to NATO and UN and use money saved to build infrastructure and our military


  • Infrastructure rebuild / aerospace development
  • Each dollar leveraged with provincial and municipal Government
  • Return governing powers to Provinces
  • Repeal TPP
  • Support only Canada FIRST trade agreements


  • Internet and service providers must respect our freedoms, free from monopolies and censorship, restrictions that should only apply to child pornography, international slave trade, pedophilia and terrorism.
  • With a privacy provision to protect users from Government spy agency overreach.
  • No more selling personal information.
  • No more dedicated IPs to track your every move.
  • No more email apps that pre-select your possible replies,
  • E-mail will have the same privacy rights as a Canada Post letter.
  • Cyber space protection Act – free / non-censored
  • Free and accessible internet to all Canadians to keep Canadians educated in national and world events
  • Review MSM Media conspiring to manipulate Canadians or undermine the free flow of information
  • Ban G5 until independent government funded studies completed on health effects on people and children, safety first


  • Ensure Canada retains full independence from foreign interference of policy and trade agreements protect inherent and sovereign rights of Canadian people
  • Decentralize our Federal Government with more powers to the people of Canada and the Provinces
  • Honoring a grandfathered keeper of the lands for next generation, and any trade infringement on these rights will be repealed


  • The NEW Federation Party of CANADA is committed to work in partnership with First Nations, Métis and Inuit, based on inherent indigenous rights, treaties, and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, in order to achieve significant social and economic progress in these communities
  • Indigenous peoples rights to access full education, secure housing and safe drinking water, to name but a few,
  • There is no excuse for the ongoing neglect of our first nations as political promises are forever buried after each election.
  • This state of our first nations is a direct result of Liberal and Conservative lip service policy and corrupted leadership promised and deals
  • We will reopen investigation of first nation abuses and missing persons / and will appoint and empower a special prosecutor to investigate and prosecute any misdeeds
  • Assign first nations judge to supreme court of Canada and each provincial superior court


  • On immigration we will having a transparent system of vetting and openness to the process, but all undocumented or illegal immigrants should be vetted before coming into Canada
  • We will not cave to race baiting immigration politics and will protect ALL Canadians first and foremost
  • We will curb abuses of the immigration policies that allow illegal access to Canadians tax monies/ laws must be abided to
  • We are against discrimination of any kind / and will protect our country and borders from unlawful or illegal border infringement
  • Merit based immigration system / with family priority immigration


  • A well-equipped, highly motivated military is the key to our sovereignty and our place in the world.
  • Rename our armed forces to represent Canadians – Canadian Armed Forces
  • Canadian’s are peacekeepers and diplomats – both of which take exceptional courage and determination.
  • We need to again find our own voice in the world and set our own policy of peace – friendly, but independent of the dominance of any other nation.
  • Those who have served in the armed forces for a minimum of 12 years would be found a job in the police force, prison service or border force.
  • Build a more modern military opt out of 50% UN and NATO funding and channel to Canada’s peaceful stronger armed forces
  • Pledge to resource fully Canada’s military assets and personnel, to world class standards
  • A veterans’ department to bring together all veterans’ services to ensure servicemen and women receive the after-service care they “deserve”.
  • Veterans would also receive a “Veterans’ Membership” to ensure they are fast tracked for mental health care and services if needed.


  • The NEW Federation Party of CANADA believes in and has the open willingness to form alliances, to represent ALL Canadians advocating the main principles of the “Federation” Movement, this while aligning with other parties and views that represent the CHANGE needed to create a Canada First agenda
  • We believe that many Liberal, Conservative, NDP and Green party members will align and join the WAVE for a new Canada
  • Open Parliamentary vote / Elected NEW Federation Candidates will have free voting on all issues not mandated by our NEW Federation Party of CANADA constitution
  • Introduce Citizen’s Initiated referendums / smart contracted


  • Canadians, have been struggling for 20 plus years to get ahead and for most Canadians, things aren’t getting better because we vote for the same political parties or their drones expecting different results.
  • While the same old Parties keep promising and never delivering, just changing leaders and slogans, Selling out Canada and our sovereignty
  • Canadians now understand the lobby that controls the main parties and their policy agenda, with the same old recycled politics


  • The NEW Federation Party of CANADA will not resort to legislative tricks to avoid scrutiny. The Major parties continue to use prorogation to avoid difficult political circumstances or tell the truth to the people
  • These parties also continue to use omnibus bills to prevent members of Parliament from properly reviewing and debating proposals, bills and backroom deals
  • We will change the House of Commons Standing Orders to bring an end to all undemocratic practices and back room agendas
  • WE will smart contract all political promises and government policy using a modern block chain technology BLOOD DONATION BAN
  • We will invoke wisdom with donating blood. Currently the Canadian Blood Services (CBS) and Héma-Québec (HM- QC) must use policy that respects consensus scientific evidence from different sources
  • A NEW Federation Party of CANADA government will work with Health Canada, CBS, ADAS and HM-QC to adapt a safe donor- screening policy that does not cut corners or play politics and is non-discriminatory, and but must be based on wide consensus science for a better picture, putting Canadians and safety first
  • The NEW Federation Party of CANADA will not promote or buy into the race baiting politics of the other parties and their distraction strategy focused on misinformation alliances that also include support of fake or disingenuous news reporting
  • The NEW Federation Party of CANADA will invest in people, and things that make our everyday lives better. Reverting Infrastructure and Resources back to the people, Integrative Transit systems, New Roads. Clean energy. School programs that teach our children to learn again. Hospitals and alternative health care. The basic infrastructure our economy needs to grow and we need in order to get ahead
  • It’s time for a new plan, and a new direction for our Country and economy
  • We support the “108 km buy local” which encourages promoting and purchasing from local enterprises. It’s environmentally and economically sound because local businesses return far greater amounts to the economy. It fits with our belief that small business is the engine of our economy and country.


  • Support of civil partnerships and freedom of choice and oppose any law that undermines any Canadian’s freedom of choice including those of faith groups, and places of worship, with the understanding our freedom and Canadian law is supreme for all, as represented in our Constitution and Common Law values under one
  • Sexual orientation is a private and personal choice not for government


  • We will make the Supreme Court appointment process more transparent. Under the major Parties, the Supreme Court appointment process has been disrespected and degraded
  • We will ensure that all those appointed to the Supreme Court represent international treaties and the common law rights of the inherent person known as the citizen of Canada
  • The NEW Federation Party of CANADA will mandate that first Nations peoples have representation on the SSC, and in each provincial superior court

STUDENTS / our future

  • Our NEW Federation Party of CANADA federal Government will provide free higher education where by establishing a non-profit branch that allows 100% tax deductible donations for those that pay student tuitions and or government funded free tuition programs
  • We will also forgive loans up to 100% for community service and/or achieving points based grade standards in each educational category, that includes most trades as well as the arts
  • We will fund 20 million dollars per year into student partnerships with young entrepreneurs, to encourage new ideas, innovations and business opportunities for the creative and business minded youth


  • The NEW Federation Party of CANADA will invest in sustainable infrastructure that makes our communities safer and more resilient.
  • Responsible governments do not mislead the citizenry or undermine the people’s rights or sign secret bills and legislation to appease the multi-national corporate donors
  • We will protect our communities from fake science or agenda driven science by mandating independent 3rd party elected consensus science honoring various opinions before making decisions that will affect the average Canadian and or their companies
  • We will promote alternative ideas including, putting hemp products front and center with significant new investments in overall green infrastructure
  • We will mandate keeping Canada’s pristine water supply for Canadians, while making investments in healthy local water and wastewater facilities; clean energy; climate resilient infrastructure, including flood mitigation systems; and infrastructure to protect against changing weather
  • We will boost investment in green infrastructure by nearly $50 billion over ten years to include hemp product and land development
  • We will support Local Municipalities: Cities, particularly our major cities are a key to our economic prosperity. o Aging infrastructure and archaic funding formulas threaten the ability of our cities to compete on a world stage
  • Powers back to the Provinces / decentralized Government


  • Tax reform / taxation back to the provinces
  • Revisit Canada’s taxation laws and implementation abolish federal income tax as it is
  • Create a 13% one time federal flat tax for new purchases only including homes cars etc. with exemptions on essentials as this will fund the decentralized federal government
  • Used items, homes, cars sales etc. tax exempt
  • No double dipping new and used federal tax system
  • Taxation rights back to the provinces
  • Review bankruptcy laws to protect individual Canadians rights from abuse


  • Free and Fair trade / National interests first
  • No backroom trade agreements / prior to signing, Open debate in house of Commons with free vote
  • No international agreements like TPP that undermine Canadian’s Sovereignty
  • Support a sustainable economy with true competition and a level playing field while keeping Canadians and Canada First in all trade agreements, that includes revisiting through negotiations and or ratifying any trade agreements that have been found to be fraudulent or that intentionally undermine Canadian’s best interests. a. Balance in the economy is crucial.
  • We the NEW Federation Party of CANADA are, at heart, a party that supports Canadians, small business, and fair business without Government overreach or unfair taxation.
  • There is a role for government in the economy, but it must support and not compete with small business and protect small business from corrupted trade agreements


  • The NEW Federation Party of CANADA will create a fiscal government regulated and mandated by block chain smart contracts to assure Government and elected officials keep their word to the Canadian people / where election promises are met and kept


NEW Federation Party of CANADA