About The New Federation Party

The Canadian people have been lulled to sleep by a de facto political system that cannot represent them in its current form. Each election cycle we see new colours and exciting slogans featuring the same political system, same power brokers that in the end, will get the same results, because doing things the same way in the same broken system expecting a different result is termed irrational  and shows we have not yet learned where our real freedom comes from.

To ensure freedom and real change, our current political system must be dissolved and recreated with a new constitution and federation that represents the sovereign men, woman, and children from coast to coast first and foremost, while draining the Canadian swamp of embedded globalists and their agenda to enslave and bankrupt the moral fibre of all Canadians while using our current federal political structure to serve the multinational NWO agenda, not Canadians.

In our current system Canadians do not own their land, or share financially in the wealth of their resources or enjoy the freedom of their natural sovereign rights over their families and loved ones. Instead, we have unlawful federal regulations, taxation and statute overreach designed to undermine the very fabric of our rights and freedoms. This corruption is used to extinguish our remaining Charter Rights and Freedoms and destabilize our democracy.

Covid 19 shows the extent of the corruption the likes this planet has never witnessed, and those responsible must be held accountable, not in words but in public tribunals so it can never happen again.