Reclaim Our Land Rights

Returning Ownership to Canadians


The New Federation Party recognizes the vital importance of Canadian sovereignty over its land and natural resources. We are committed to reasserting and reclaiming our land rights from international entities, restoring the ownership of our land from the crown corporation to the Canadian people through the implementation of allodial title.

Key Objectives:

Ending International Control:

We will work to put an end to international control of Canadian land and natural resources, ensuring that decisions regarding our territory are made by Canadians, for Canadians.

Implementing Allodial Title:

The New Federation Party will introduce a legal framework for allodial title, providing individuals and communities with absolute and unrestricted ownership rights over their land including above and below mineral rights.

Restoring Land Ownership:

Through the establishment of allodial title, we will return land ownership rights to Canadians, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility for our country's natural heritage.

Policy Details:

1. Ending International Control:

We will actively seek to end international control and influence over Canadian land and natural resources, ensuring that our nation's decisions are no longer subject to external interests or mandates.

This effort will involve renegotiating agreements and treaties that have allowed international entities to exert control over our land, asserting Canadian sovereignty in all land-related matters.

2. Implementing Allodial Title:

The New Federation Party will introduce a legal framework for allodial title, a system of land ownership that grants individuals and communities absolute and unrestricted rights over their land.

Under this system, landowners will have full control and responsibility for their property, free from encumbrances or restrictions imposed by external entities such as the Crown Corporation based in London England.

3. Restoring Land Ownership:

By implementing allodial title, we will restore land ownership rights to Canadians. This policy ensures that individuals, families, and communities have a direct stake in the management, stewardship, and use of their land.

This initiative will empower Canadians to make better decisions regarding our lands, fostering a sense of connection, responsibility, and pride in their natural heritage.


The "Reclaim Our Land Rights" policy is rooted in the principles of sovereignty, independence, and empowerment. The New Federation Party is committed to returning control over Canadian land to the people, ending international influence, and implementing allodial title. We invite all Canadians to join us in this endeavor to reclaim our land rights, preserve our natural resources, and secure a brighter future for our nation.